Nostalgic for Ignorance

I don’t mind when people disagree with me, that implies they have done some research or know something I don’t. At the very least I can learn from them.

Outward, non-apologetic apathy is (in my books) OK too. This normally happens when people are overloaded with info & need time to process it all. They go in to a kind of temporary shock.

But what I find really hard to deal with is a kind of disguised apathy. It’s what happens when people know enough of the facts to scare them, but in stead of doing something about it, researching it or discussing it, they desperately try to scramble back to a place when they didn’t know. Nostalgia for ignorance. It sometimes sounds like this:

  • “It’s best we don’t know”
  • “Well, we’re all going to die anyway”
  • “No use worrying about something you can’t change by yourself”

Reading SEED Magazine I was struck by a series of satellite images of the Wilkins Ice Shelf. I went in to a kind of shock – I hadn’t realised just how drastic the effects of climate change were already. But shock doesn’t last, and now I have two choices: pretend like nothing has changed for me, or start finding out more.

Some days I wish I could pretend that I didn’t see those images, that they hadn’t affected me so deeply. But I can’t. So I’m starting small, discussing, researching and taking little steps, like with the toilet cistern (still stoked about that).

It wasn’t that great not knowing anyway.


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