We live in the *same* world

Every now and then I get in to rant-mode. I try not to – rare is the person who can rant convincingly without making their audience defensive.

But my workmate got me going, and at the end of my tirade she shrugged her shoulders and said:

“We live in different worlds.”

Post-modernism agrees, but I don’t.

It is true that depending on our upbringing, culture and socio-economic background, we interpret events and facts differently. None of us perceive colour in the same way, let alone capital punishment, for example.

Our perceptions of reality are different, but our planet of habitation isn’t. We live on Earth. We live with the same finite global resources, the same diseases, almost the same DNA. Regardless of whether we acknowledge it, these things remain the same.

There is a point at which our cultural, political, social and economic baggage no longer matters on a global scale. We live on a planet that has limits. We can only hold so many people, exhaust so many water supplies, emit so much carbon, grow exponentially for so long.

We live in the same world.

Perception is not reality - or is it?

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