Random post about theatre and an awesome photo

My friend recently wrote about seeing Peter Brook’s 11 and 12 at the New Zealand International Arts Festival:

“It made me feel proud to work in theatre. It makes me want to keep working, and it’s a long fucking time since any piece of theatre has made me feel that.”

You can read the rest of his blog post about it here.

When I found this image today on http://timeframes.natlib.govt.nz/ I was reminded of the his post and of the  importance of live story-telling.

Two actors share a 'romantic moment' in an open air performance by the 'Pierrots' of a neighbouring Division and largely attended by New Zealand soldiers. Photograph taken 1918 by Henry Armytage Sanders.

Actors in an open air performance during World War I, France

It’s been a while since I last felt that theatre can and will change the world, that it has something unique and significant to offer us. I still think it can and does; I just haven’t seen much proof of it recently. This photo was a welcome reminder.


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