Guerilla decorating in Aro Valley

I’ve been entirely intrigued by Catherine Finely’s Wallpaper Dumpsters, and delighted by Street with a View (a collaboration between Google Street View,  Robin Hewlett and Ben Kinsley), and I’ve been thinking about what I can do in my own neighborhood.

After a month of growing, the tubs I gardened in Aro Valley are blooming. The dahlias have started coming out and the geraniums have been replaced with buttercup pumpkin plants.

Yellow dwarf dahlia flower.

Courgette plants in a tub

I decided they could do with a bit of decoration. I bought some retro wallpaper off Trade Me and waited (patiently) for the Wellington weather to bless us with an entire weekend of sun.

The tubs needed to be cleaned first, so me and Josh scrubbed them down (just with water) and left them to dry.

Two semi-dry concrete tubs in the sun.

When we went to buy the wallpaper paste, we accidentally bought size. I had never heard of it at the time, but it turned out to be quite essential to preparing the tubs for wallpaper. After the size had dried, night was starting to fall, so the actual wallpapering was done in the street light.

Shows the tubs and a person reaching around them in the dusk.

Josh went back after the wallpaper had dried and sprayed the tubs with a water retardant that we bought from a camping store. This will hopefully help the paper stay on in Wellington’s wild weather.

Et voila! Newly wallpapered, lovely looking tubs:

The finished tubs looking beautiful

Another shot of a wallpapered tub

You can see the progress and results in my flickr set.

Before and after

Before and after


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