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Dr M and his pet iguanodon

I hope that in 200 years time, evidence of our strange and whimsical minds continue to be available for everyone to see.

On the left, a man representing Dr Gideon Mantell, crowned with a laurel wreath, raising his hands in delight as a smiling iguanodon approaches him. The iguanodon is behaving like a pet dog

Dr M in extassies at the approach of his pet Saurian / sketched by Sir H. de la Beche

This is a drawing from the National Library of New Zealand’s collections. You can see it on their Timeframes website here.

Apparently this is not the only fanciful cartoon featuring Dr M and his unusual pets…

A frantic male figure, shaking his geologist's hammer at a winged dragon-like creature and a winged fish. There is a sailor on the back of the dragon. There is a tower with a flag on top at the sea's edge in the background and a yacht on the horizon

Gideon Mantell engaged in battle with fantastic flying dinosaurs on the English coastline, 1830s?

Thanks to Courtney for pointing this out.