Home comforts

An image of a comforter or duvet.

A "comforter". Photo by D Sharon Pruitt on flickr.

It can be terribly confusing trying to buy bedding in the US. Here are some things we learned yesterday after hours of wandering around a department store and interrogating several sales assistants:

  • A duvet is called a “comforter”.
  • Most comforter covers come as a set which includes the comforter cover itself as well as two sham covers and a bed skirt.
  • A “sham” is a fancy pillow case with a border and a slit in the back to insert your pillow in to.
  • Shams seem to almost always match your comforter cover. Here is a charming video about how to use shams.
  • Sales assistants like the word “sham”.
  • A “coverlet” is a blanket that goes underneath your comforter.
  • Like most things in big department stores, the bedding is arranged by brand, rather than product type. This means that you’ll need to visit several different parts of the store to find out what your options are for each item.
  • There is no such thing as a plain, single-colour comforter cover (at least we couldn’t find one).

There you have it, the sum total of our shopping for bedding experience. I hope this helps any other confuzzled Kiwis looking for bedding in the US.


3 responses to “Home comforts

  1. hopefully your pattern is star wars related

  2. No IKEA near SF, eh?

  3. @sue not quite… This is the one we ended up getting: http://www.beddingstyle.com/photos/product/giant/102400S515476/comforters/la-croix.jpg We figured if we couldn’t have a plain one, we may as well have an intensely patterned one!

    @Canzonett not that I am aware of – mind you, we’ve only been here for 2 weeks, so there might be one just around the corner!

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