Monthly Archives: October 2010

My phone is broken

Terribly sad news. My beautiful Nexus One did not win the phone vs. concrete bout.

Broken phone

My poor broken phone...

I still have remote access to my voicemail, but that’s about it. Luckily, the phone is insured, so I will have a new one soon.

If you are trying to get hold of me, best to use my email: mia.judkins[at]


Strange happenings with our basil

Every two weeks we get a delicious package of organic produce delivered to our doorstep by Farm Fresh to You. Sometimes, there are generous bunches of herbs in our package, and most times we are terrible at using them. We’ve tried various recipes and  techniques, but we always end up with our herbs going to waste.

So when a gorgeous bunch of basil appeared in our last package I put it in plain sight, so that we would be constantly reminded of our duty to consume it.

Two weeks later we had failed at consuming all the basil, but the strange thing is that the basil showed no signs of deterioration. In fact, it was sprouting roots…

Basil takes root!

Basil takes root!

I quickly transformed the peanut butter cup container in to a pot and transplanted the wee basil stalks.

Basil planted in a handy Trader Joes container

Basil planted in a handy Trader Joes container.

I have never seen this happen with any other herbs I’ve had. Is this normal for Californian basil? Or is it because the Farm Fresh to You people pump it so full with goodness? Whatever the cause, I’m stoked to have wee basil plants growing on our kitchen sill.

Basil on our window sill

Basil on our kitchen window sill.