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Cleaning up the “perhaps the ugliest spot in Bernal Heights”

Photo of a graffitied "No Dumping" sign and highway

Before. Photo by Todd Lappin on flickr

Since moving to our gorgeous new neighborhood on the north side of Bernal Heights, we’ve been enjoying the local blog Bernalwood,

This week, the blog featured a sad post about Perhaps the Ugliest Spot in All of Bernal Heights.

Photo of a clean "No Dumping" sign, makeshift bench and pile of rocks.

After. Photo by Josh

So, this Saturday, me and Josh headed over to give it a quick clean up, which took about an hour. You can see the rest of the results in my flickr stream.

There was a fair amount of trash strewn around, and a real mess of broken wood and bits of concrete and stone. It looked like most of this junk may have come from a nearby fence renovation project.

First we removed the graffiti from the sign, with a spray cleaner that worked surprisingly well. We then used the discarded building and fence supplies to make a bench (where one can sit and contemplate “progress”) and couple of cairns/shrines/ompahli (depending on what you like to call a pile of rocks).

We certainly made a start, but there is a lot of beautification that could still be done in this area – particularly with a weed whacker & trailer. Anyone keen on joining in on a second round of cleanup?